Risk Management

Code Waechter Financial, LLC

The risk management firm, Code Waechter Financial, LLC, offers individualized solutions for our clients to help meet specific needs or objectives involving a variety of financial products. These products and services include the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Code Smith Benefits, PLLC / InTrust Business Partners, LLC

Code Smith Benefits, PLLC partnered with InTrust Business Partners, LLC in 2012, to provide our clients with a wide range of services and options in the employee benefits marketplace. We offer the following benefits to help business clients attract and retain valuable employees:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Payroll Deduction Supplemental Coverage Plans



Representatives of Code Waechter Financial, LLC and Code Smith Benefits, PLLC are licensed to sell insurance products in the following states: AL, CO, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, ME, NC, NY, OH, SC, TN, TX. We cannot communicate with, nor respond to, requests from users who reside in states where we are not licensed to conduct insurance business.